A Gangster Stage program

The GXG core team is all Original Gangsters, who help other teams gather momentum, while addressing their youth and training their trainers.

This group  has had marked success with this model as they utilize EX Original Gangsters, as tipping points to steer youth in making right choices,  as they roll play, do drama's, share remarkable stories,  (see video below)  and rap about  what changed their lives.  

How can we help you with your work to move into the next level of service delivery and training for you teams trainers?  Send for your services packet, today.  Gangs aren't selective, so they are prepared to pick up anyone who falls through the family cracks.  Are we?

GXG Gifts for Youth

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View an Anti-Gang Rally Video CLICK HERE

07:36 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Children across Hampton Roads, as young as 14, are bragging online about being in gangs. Concerned emails from parents alerted 13 News
to the growing problem. On MySpace profiles and groups, kids from nearly every local high school are bragging, glamorizing, and recruiting. Read the full report and view the video . . .       CLICK HERE

Reported by: Lindsey Roberts

Norfolk's Vice Mayor is taking on gang violence among our youth, and he's getting the community involved.     Full story and Video Click Here

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